Paddle Wheels for Navman

Product features

+ Kapiti3D custom design.

+ 3D Printed in ultra-strong, impact resistant Polycarbonate.

+ Pre-installed with neodymium magnets.

Kapiti3D stock two types of log wheels designed for Navman units  –  8-blade and 6-blade.

The Navman wheels are roughly the same size at around 28mm diameter and 18mm wide. The eight and six blade wheels are not compatible with each other, so it is important to identify which wheel you need.

Our wheels are compatible with transducer units commonly used with Navman Multi 3100 and Multi 100 installations. They are very robust polycarbonate plastic and are supplied with pre-installed neodymium magnets and a replacement stainless steel shaft.

Eight Blade log wheel (PW8)

The eight blade log wheel is a one piece moulding containing two magnets. Our customers usually report that their old wheels are either missing altogether or have broken blades.

Six Blade log wheel (PW6)

Our customers often report they only have the small cylindrical hub part in left the housing after all the blades break up and are lost.


For quick buy of a single paddlewheel use the PayPal option below. Or contact us for a quote on orders for multiple parts. 

  • Paddle Wheel kit – eight blade [PW8]               In Stock (5+)
  • Paddle Wheel kit – six blade [PW6]               In Stock (5+)
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