We believe in the power of our superior 3D printing technology to create truly groundbreaking and game-changing architectural models

As a specialist service already in prototyping, manufacturing and 3D Design, we’ve taken our knowledge of manufacturing as well as 3D modelling techniques to create your architectural model based on your design brief.

We believe in the power of modern manufacturing techniques such as 3D Printing to communicate the nuances of architectural design through high-quality craftsmanship.

At Kapiti3d, we use our state-of-the-art 3D printing and other manufacturing equipment and materials to craft each model to perfection. Using our design skills and technical knowledge, we craft each model closely against your design brief whilst capturing the individual characteristics and details of your design project. We are keen and committed to working closely with our clients to achieve outstanding results, no matter what the size, scope, or location of the project may be.

Our manufacturing and 3D Printing Technologies

We use the latest 3D printers and additive manufacturing technology to produce each model. Using this technology, it enables us to create truly detailed and high-quality models that are unmatched.

Using our large and small volume 3D printers, we maximize efficiency and produce models fast. All our 3D printers are fitted with advanced air filtration systems as well as material preservation techniques to ensure a safe, and sturdy model for you.

Materials we use

All our models are printed using high-quality materials produced locally and internationally. We use a range of 3D printing materials and processes. Generally, models will be formed in ABS thermoplastic. ABS is a fantastic material because of its high-temperature resistance, strength, flexibility and impact strength qualities.

We use a wide variety of materials including ABS, PLA bioplastic, Wood and Metal composite materials, ultra-detailed resins, and soft flexible materials.