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From initial part & product development to industrial
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Performance 3D printing service

From 1-1,000 parts, 3D printing offers affordable prototyping and end-use parts
delivered to you in a wide range of materials.

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Polyjet & FDM

Performance materials

From affordable prototyping to high-performance part production, there’s a material for every step. 


Affordable materials, quick turn around times. We offer customers the use of bioplastics that biodegrade over time in landfills, and are made from plant-based ingredients.

Heat Resistance

High-temperature use case materials performing at operating temperatures up to 340°C, and continuous use temperature of 260°C.

Chemical Resistance

Materials offering abrasion, chemical, solvent, grease & oil, radiation, resistance.


Ultra-strong polymers designed to replace metal comparable to steel in strength and rigidity, used where metal parts cannot be, or as prototype material for durable assembly parts.

Functional prototyping & end-use parts

MultiJet Fusion

HP MJF can be used for both prototyping and small-batch-production of end-use plastic parts with good mechanical properties.

Selective Laser Sintering

SLS is used for both prototyping and small-batch production of end-use parts with good mechanical and thermal properties.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

DMLS produces high performance, end-use metal parts for industrial applications in various industries such as automotive, and aerospace.

Low-cost & rapid prototyping

Fused Deposition Modelling

FDM is the quickest 3D printing process and the fastest for low-cost prototyping and design verification with very fast turn around times.


SLA is most suitable for visual applications where a high detail part or injection mould-like smooth surface finish is required.


Polyjet produces parts of the highest dimensional accuracy, very smooth surface finish, used for visual prototypes and full-colour parts.

No matter the part design complexity, we work together with you to ensure your parts and designs meet your requirements.

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  • Time saving
  • Skip the learning stages
  • One-on-one with an expert

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Materials available

Below is our standard 3D printing materials, sorted by primary technologies. 












Standard, metal and wood composites, enhanced

Nylon-6, Nylon-11, Nylon-12, carbon and glass-filled composites

Standard ABS, enhanced

Standard PETG

Standard TPU, shore hardness 80A – 95A

Standard ASA

Standard, enhanced

ThermaX™ ULTEM™ 1010 PEI




Nylon 11

Nylon 12

Glass-filled Nylon 12


Bioplastic, similar to Nylon 12, produced from renewable materials that are derived from vegetable oils

Robust thermoplastic with all-round excellent properties and chemical resistance, ideal for functional prototypes and end-use applications

Reinforced with glass creating parts with greater stiffness and thermal stability than standard nylon

Combines high elasticity and strength with good chemical resistance, ideal for functional, and flexible parts

Polyjet & SLA



Standard Resin

Clear Resin

Tough resin

Rubber like resin

Heat resistant resin

Castable Resin

High-detail, produces parts with a smooth injection mould-like surface finish, brittle and used for non-functional parts

Translucent appearance, ideal for injection moulding-like prototypes

Properties of ABS, produces parts with improved mechanical properties compared to standard resin, viable for functional parts

High-detail parts with a soft rubber-like appearance and finish. Not suitable for functional prototypes

High strength and heat deflection temperature, can be used for high detail low-run injection moulds

Resin for investment casting pattern making. No residue after burn out. Greater detail with Polyjet process





Stainless Steel

Lower density metal, good mechanical and thermal properties, good electrical conductivity

High malleability, excellent corrosion resistance, full density parts for industrial applications

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