3D Printing & 3D Design

Need custom designed parts? Need high-quality parts yesterday that aren’t a grainy blob? We can help. You can quickly upload your designs fast, get quotes and printability feedback giving you all the information you need to start your 3d printing project. Start yours above, or contact us for any further information. We print 24/7 to meet your deadline and your needs, not ours.

Using our CAD programs, we can quickly draft up your concept design, and then refine it to be the best it can be, fast.

This is how can we offer the quickest turnaround time in Wellington.

3D Design

With our design software, we can tailor a design specific for you.

Website Design

We can design and deliver a website specifically for you.

3D Printing

Using FDM 3D Printers, your designs can be produced up to 100-micron detail.
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3D Design