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Manufacturing & prototyping capabilities

CNC Machining

Milling (3, 4 & full 5-axis), post-processing, and turning
1 – 1,000 parts

Lead time
Inspection report
Verification of design

5 – 20 working days

3D Printing

FDM, SLA, SLS, MJF, DMLS & metal printing
1 – 1,000 parts

Lead time
Inspection report
Verification of design

1 – 3 working days

Injection Moulding

Gas-assisted moulding, over-moulding, 2-part cavity moulds, family moulds, hard and soft tools
600 – 10,000 parts

Lead time
Inspection report
Verification of design

14 – 60 working days
On request

Polyjet & FDM

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Truly defining materials & technologies

Manufacture high-quality parts and products in the best materials and finishes, from plastics to metals.

"We use Kapiti3D for our 3D printing. Kapiti3D is a very responsive company. Service is fast. Quality is excellent. The prices are good. We recommend them to other companies that may need 3D printed components."
Peter Montgomery
CEO of Clever First Aid Limited
"Great service from Kapiti3d's hub. I changed the design a couple of times and everything was handled fast, and very professionally. Will definitely use again."
Andrew Kissling
CEO & Founder of Mindkin

Upload your 3D file to begin your next project. Receive a free quote for your project in under 24 hours providing you with the information about best materials and production methods for your needs.

Online 3D printing order management

Image sourced from makeros.com

Instantly price any project uploaded. It doesn’t matter how complex it is, 90% of projects we receive are 3D printable. Our pricing is based around 5 years of manufacturing experience and production of more than 2,000 parts.

After uploading your file, your file is checked for mesh issues and manufacturability. The user can also view the detailed model information such as volume, surface area, boundary box, dimensions, faces, shells and holes. All of which can be very useful for preliminary checks.

After an order is submitted or a quote request has been sent, the user can view the order on their dashboard online and keep up to date with the order status.

Advanced manufacturing

We produce and deliver your finished parts or product through custom manufacturing solutions, including post-processing, and assembly.

design services

Bring your thoughts and ideas to life with 3D file design and optimisation for 3D printing and other manufacturing methods.

Your business

From product development to industrial 3D manufacturing, designed to fit your business.

Expertise in product design and file optimisation means an end to end fulfilment from prototypes to scaled manufacturing.


Industrial design

Prototyping & Manufacturing

Prototyping & Manufacturing

From prototyping to batch production to manufacturing, our prototyping and manufacturing services ensure you get the quality and quantity you need fast.


If it’s your first product or the hundredth, our CAD software can produce a concept into a tangible reality. Our 3D modelling services will help accelerate the development and innovation cycle of your product.


We can provide you with expert and knowledgeable advice on how to best approach your design for prototyping and manufacturing. We can integrate our prototyping and manufacturing services into your workflow providing what you need with all the right information and quality parts you need.

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